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From time to time individuals end up in trouble with the police and the courts.  When this happens it can create a large number of difficulties and hardships.  Assessments and treatment doesn’t need to be one of those.

What sets ARK Counseling Services apart from others?

Rather than providing only one type of assessment or treatment in a single location ARK Counseling Services offers most court ordered assessment and treatment in one location.  ARK assessments and treatment groups are conducted by Master’s Level counselors who have an understanding of clinical aspects of treatment.


       ADULTS                                                                       YOUTH

Batterer Intervention (Action AYS)                          Anger Management 

Assessments: $155                                                   Assessments: $175

Individual: $20-$35                                                     Individual and

Anger Management                                                Group Sessions: $15-$25

Assessments: $175                                                   Impulse Control 

Individual and                                                              Assessments: $125

Group Sessions: $15-$25                                        Group Sessions: $15-$25



Love and Logic Program

Group Sessions: $15-$20



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