Anger Management

Anger Management Assessments are designed to assess an individual’s propensity to become angry and his or her ability to control and deal with anger when it occurs to determine what level of treatment, if any, is needed by an individual.

The assessment ARK uses was created through the combination and expansion of multiple existing assessments to address clinical aspects or the individual along with any patterns of anger and violence.  In the interview component items addressed include: medical aspects, psychological symptoms and treatment, childhood history, family of origin and their anger and violence patterns; most recent episode and worst episode, along with and ways they have tried to control anger in the past.  Our assessment also includes a short alcohol and drug assessment to determine if anger and violence episodes are commonly connected with substance use or misuse.

ARK’s Anger Management Groups are court approved, SAMHSA researched program. Most people do not believe that anger is good. Most think that because it is such a powerful and at times fearful emotion that it cannot possibly be good. However, nothing is further from the truth. It is not the emotion, but what we do with it, that leads to problems. During the course of this group, members will learn how to manage and express their anger in a healthy way.

Assessment: $150.00

Per Session Cost: $15.00-$25.00


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